Managing Risk

The IPROS Assured Compliance solution provides a comprehensive environment for the validation of Compliance across many areas, assuring a high degree of accountability and visibility of delivery of commitments and correct process for internal and external delivery. Ensuring that compliance risks have been reviewed at the appropriate level and frequency is becoming fundamental to organisations success and senior executives' reputation.

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Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care

Assuring consistent standards of care quality and visibility for Health & Social Care.

The regulatory environment is getting tougher and it's increasingly important for healthcare organisations to ensure they are recruiting and training the right people and enabling validation of outcomes in a way which is comprehensive and rigorous but not onerous.

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Workflow Intelligence

Reducing the cost of Claims; Improving business processing.

Service processes like claims management are often slow because there is far too much “work in progress”. When processes are not efficiently managed, tasks can spend more than 90% of time waiting at different stages, substantially raising the cost of items such as insurance claims.

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Food Hygiene

Food and workplace safety are key concerns for the environmental health profession.

In the UK alone it is estimated that there are a million cases of food poisoning every year and almost 30 million working days lost due to work related ill health or injury; placing a significant burden on the economy. Monitoring and enforcement of food, health, licensing and safety requirements is therefore taken very seriously.

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Ipros Cube - Assured Compliance

Ipros Cube - Assured ComplianceIPROS CUBE provides enhanced operational performance management information and analytics.

Our solutions enable executives and managers to get clear and timely information on performance, risk and associated action plans across their organisation.

Focused around healthcare, insurance, distribution and related business areas; IPROS solutions provide up-to-date information on operational performance, governance, risk management and compliance.

For more information about our solutions, please call 01483 68 80 00 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can Healthcare make better use of information?

Looking this past week at the Nuffield Trust Health Policy Summit. The Guardian Healthcare Network reports on the second day of the summit focuses on managing change, use of information and the delayed Care.Data programme being run by NHS England. There's plenty of commentary about this programme and the risks to privacy - some of it more or less hysterical (not meaning amusing). Here's a good example from the Independent which used to be a good newspaper.  Personally, I would like the clinician to know that I am allergic to valium for example if I turn up at A&E semi-conscious. That's pretty hit and miss right now, even if you have previously attended that hospital, so it seems to me this programme is vital for a modernised NHS.

One thing that struck me from the Nuffield Summit report was quoting Ben Page, chief executive at Ipsos MORI, giving pointers for maintaining support when difficult decisions, e.g. reconfigurations, are made. Summarising to the key point: Get the narrative right about gains before the losses. What are the benefits going to be? - what's it all about?

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How is Integrating NHS & Care Services Working?

Great article in Guardian Healthcare Professionals Network by Bob Hudson from Durham University this week - The six challenges of joint working. Unsurprisingly, he describes 6 key  challanges including Moving from an economic to a quality focus - i.e. measuring outcomes rather than activity, and Moving from an organisational to a user-centred perspective - that is what's the outcome for me rather than where I am in someone's process map (aka Care Pathway). I recommend reading the article.

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Courage! Hope!!

Fantastic to see Helene Donnelly - the nurse who became a key whistleblower in the Mid-Staffs inquiry - recognised in the New Year honours list. Her courage, and that of Julie Bailey also honoured, is an example to all of us. How many of us can honestly say we never looked away? I'm guessing that it may be some time before the most famous whistleblower of the year - Edward Snowden - is included in the honours list. Nevertheless, for really raising the issue of ubiquitous surveillance by government agencies in the US and here in the UK his courage deserves recognition. Perhaps Angela Merkel might be his first option?

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