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Logan Logeswaran, Managing Director at Runwood Homes and one of our most innovative clients, talks about the changes in the residential Care and the need for operators to innovate to thrive and survive.

Logan discusses the increasing dependency levels of residents and the challenges that arise from funding not keeping pace with those needs. He also emphasises Runwood’s emphasis on quality and on staff retention as being crucial factors in quality of care and sustainability based on an efficient and high-quality service.

Moving on from paper-based systems and making use of new technologies is an area Runwood, under Logan’s leadership, sees as an important focus area for them.

Logan also emphasises the Regulator’s expectation of self-governance in the homes with ‘Good’ outcomes will put more ownership on Providers in relation to Care Quality Governance.

Logan believes providing care for older people and people living with Dementia is a challenging role for staff. Evidencing their good practice needs to be made simpler rather than having the extra burden with paperwork.

Runwood Homes has already invested resources in training and implementing the Quality Governance System which is individually configured to fit the company’s operational profile by IPROS.

This approach benefits our staff teams to keep the evidence of audits at their fingertips and enable real-time reporting at all levels within the company on a single platform. Additionally, the overhead in the head office functions is much reduced by not requiring consolidation of many paper reports into management reporting.

Click here to view the article published in Care Home Professional

"State of Care" controversy - your choice of managers. Guest blog from Geoff Lane

The State of Care - it's about getting the people right

I hope many of you have taken the time to read the latest report on the state of healthcare and adult social care published by CQC in October. There are some interesting statistics. 82% of Primary Care services inspected achieved a good rating. Well done the GP's. However, only 37% of hospitals were rated as good.

Is the CQC’s focus on management increasing financial risk? Guest blog from Geoff Lane

Summary: The CQC is shining a bright light on the senior management of care home groups and expecting them to know the details of what is happening on the ground. A failure to do this leads to financial costs and risk in many areas. Geoff Lane talks about what he feels CQC mean by 'Well Led' and explains what he did to ensure that he met the CQC requirements.

One inspection. 12 months of financial misery? Guest blog from Geoff Lane (Part 1 of 3)

Facing up to Financial Pressures and the CQC Approach

Every provider knows that we are facing unprecedented pressures caught between inadequate public funding and the impact of the living wage that will add between 5-8% to pay costs from April.