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What do you know? What could you know? What must you know?

You have a set of critical business metrics that you need to monitor to be in control - the Vital Signs of the business:

  • Tight control of staff costs – they are about to increase by 5-7% and if you’re not completely on top of how to react you may have a problem. Cutting staff numbers is likely to lead to other problems – we can find a smarter approach.
  • Management of Pipeline and Occupancy – Many providers have an unclear view of where they are getting referrals from, what competitors are charging, what price they need to charge and how they should differentiate fee levels. We can help.
  • Quality – Quality of care can kill your business faster than the Living Wage or low provider fees. To be on top of it you need to be constantly tracking that all your services are doing the right things and doing the right things correctly. Track safety incidents, falls, safeguarding, complaints etc. against your other systems data such as rostering, absence and agency usage in order to understand cause and effect.

Imagine you could get a view across all of your operational systems data. Analyse and track operations, safety and compliance and build a complete picture of what affects profitability and risk. Then act and see the results.

Managing proactively: Get the whole picture

Simply give us a set of data from your operational systems under absolute confidentiality and we can give you a set of actionable insights to improve your business operations immediately. Sceptical? Just give it a try. Call us.

The value of information is dependent upon timeliness and accuracy. Yet more than 80% of Care Home groups’ reports are based on paper or spreadsheets, recognised as being ‘somewhat’ out of date - sometimes by as much as 3 months!!

Much of your data is locked up in your processing systems – rostering, billing, admissions and discharges or incidents. While the data is often in your payroll and rostering systems, getting useful intelligence from them is a very complex process and so there is a major lag in taking action. For example, we can show very clearly the impact of casual absences on your bottom line and on quality alerts.

Do you have a clear view of where you are getting referrals from, what competitors are charging, what price they need to charge and how you should differentiate fee levels? Is your private client business subsidising local authority funded beds? How effective is your needs assessment and is that reflected in your billing? Can you leverage this information to manage negotiations with NHS commissioners more effectively?

Now you really know

Assured Compliance is a software-based service which enables a scalable quality management and governance system for processes of care, development of staff, governance and adherence to standards. The service is focused on ease of use for all users and built for purpose to give information in real-time for business decision makers.

This approach reduces administrative overhead at all levels and enables reporting cycles to be compressed with very little need for human intervention. The approach enables an effective and efficient means of straight-through processing to enable locations to report against quality standards, for responses to be visible in real time and rolled up to operational and administrative structures in the company.

As well as audit management, the system supports document and policy management within the platform as well as automated actions management.

Vital Signs

There is no practical limit to these but you will want to keep to a handful. This can be customised in just a few minutes:

  • Staff Vacancies – Identify trends in vacancies which may indicate morale issues. Vacant beds – Quickly identify adverse trends.
  • Care Hours – Identify immediately where staffing and billable care hours might be out of alignment, causing financial risk.
  • Sickness – Identify other staffing trends which are indicators of management risk. Agency Hours – Show quickly any upcoming risks to financial contribution. Safeguarding Alerts – An immediate view of safeguarding stats against trend. Medication Errors – Get a rapid alert against any adverse trend.
  • Active infections – Ensure you have prompt notification that could indicate infections in the Home which might cause adverse events and reputational damage.
  • Complaints – New and unresolved complaints.
    Pressure Ulcers, Falls, Incidents - along with other safety issues and alerts.
  • Action Plans – Show immediate information on action plans and status against any adverse Vital Signs.

IPROS CUBE Solutions

Is your Management Information delivering? We can help you to identify significant areas for improvement and specific cost improvements or we wouldn’t expect you to work with us. We can also help improve the effectiveness of your process delivery which will improve your staff utilisation, process efficiency, customer satisfaction and effectiveness.